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Ilixa: fast, reliable, bespoke software development


Smart, creative applications on the go with Android development for mobile phones and tablets.

Scientific Projects

We have years of experience working with academia and understand its specifities. We deliver high­-performance services at affordable prices.


Interactive, platform independent, custom-­made websites and web applications using the latest web technologies.

Java / C++

Small and medium scale, high­-performance software for the visualisation, analysis and management of data.


Cloud-based, realtime database and cloud messaging platform for mobile and web applications.

You and Us

As a small company, we are flexible, efficient and customer focused. We work alongside you from the initial idea all the way to the finished product.

  • In the framework of my PhD thesis I had to design an online platform leveraging a game theoretic scenario. Ilixa proved invaluable in achieving this goal as the consultants quickly grasped the complexity of the concepts and the challenges involved in the project. Not only were they professional and focused, they also were creative and able to think "out of the box" to help me come up with a great platform to gather empirical results.

    Maria Haynes, Senior Audit Manager
  • We really appreciated how Ilixa worked closely with us throughout the process of developing and piloting the application to ensure that the final product would best meet our needs. I was impressed by how Alain took on board all our feedback in making further improvements and was always there to answer our questions in a timely manner, offering continuous guidance and support. Ilixa's understanding of both the research environment and data protection issues ensured that the app was in line with research ethics requirements. All in all, a great team to work with!

    Dr. Nikki Chouliara, research fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nottingham
  • I contacted Ilixa to develop a fully automated software that would segment out veins in the central nervous system. Drawing on their image analysis experience, Ilixa designed a novel scientific approach, which they piloted on our preliminary data with excellent results.

    Dr. Nikos Evangelou, consultant neurologist at Nottingham University Hospital

Who We Are

Ilixa is a scientific consulting and software development company specialized in bespoke, small and medium scale projects, ranging from scientific tools to web and mobile applications.
We believe in an interactive and flexible approach, working closely with you throughout the development process to deliver a finished product tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have only a general idea for a project or a clear initial specification, we will leverage our decade of experience in software development and data analysis to realize your vision.

Our Clients

We have been working with commercial companies and academic institutions in Europe for over a decade.