Pan's Remarkable Adventure II

An interactive HTML5 / Javascript game

Improving vision while having fun

Pan's Remarkable Adventure is an interactive game designed to improve vision in children with amblyopia, where one eye has poorer vision than the other eye, even when glasses are worn. Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye, but it is actually the response of the brain that is flawed.

Research conducted by the Vision Group in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham and in other laboratories has shown that vision in the amblyopic eye greatly benefits from practice on tasks designed to re-train the visual brain. We were commissioned by the Group to translate their latest scientific findings into an engaging game, accessible to a wide audience. Pan's Remarkable Adventures challenges the player to collect prizes and avoid enemies that become less visible (fainter) over time.

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The technology behind the game

We targetted the web as a platform for gaming. Leveraging recent developments in high-performance javascript engines and html5 makes it possible to reach virtually anyone, anywhere, independently of their operating system, without the need for third party plug-ins or complicated deployment.

On the client side, Pan's Remarkable Adventure is a mix of HTML5, CSS and javascript. Server side, we used Python and MySQL to manage user accounts and store progression information, which researchers from the Vision Group can access and analyse at any time.