In the Mind of a Fraudster

A Django web application

The study of employee behaviour

The goal of this web application is to help an experimenter carry out social experiments in the field of company fraud. On the experimenter's side, it features the setting up, monitoring and data analysis of experiments, while on the subject's side, it allows players to join and participate in an experiment.

Such experiments take the form of short games with different scenarios in which the subject is placed in the situation of a company employee who has the possibility to fraud. He will be faced with a series of decisions to make, and will receive feedback on the consequences of his and his fellow employee's decisions. The purpose for the experimenter is to study the behaviour or individuals interacting in a situation where they have concurrent and conflicting interests.

In the framework of my PhD thesis I had to design an online platform leveraging a game theoretic scenario. Ilixa proved invaluable in achieving this goal as the consultants quickly grasped the complexity of the concepts and the challenges involved in the project. Not only were they professional and focused, they also were creative and able to think "out of the box" to help me come up with a great platform to gather empirical results.

Maria Haynes, Senior Audit Manager

Rapid prototyping

By building on top of the Django framework, we were able to setup a rough prototype in just a few days, which gave us a concrete implementation to refer to when discussing in what direction the project was to move forward with our client.